Windows Registry files (.reg) as Watchers.

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Windows Registry files (.reg) can be loaded by Tweakeze and used as source for custom Watchers.

You can enable or disable (default) it via the Settings screen:

Then all you need to do is to create a root folder under Tweakeze installation folder and add as many subfolders as you like and fill them up with .reg files.

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Tweakeze uses the root folder’s name as the main tab for your Watchers. Then it uses the subfolders’ names to categorize and organize your .reg files.

Each .reg file is loaded as a Watcher and named after its filename.

If you have an html/htm file in the same folder with the .reg file, it will be use as a help source, allowing users to navigate to and get more detailed information about the tweak. You can name your html file after its .reg file counterpart therefore having a help source per .reg file or any other generic name which will then be used by all .reg files in the folder.

You can use your own library of .reg files
you can also download one from MajorGeeks Windows Tweaks which is a renowned web site that has a very well-maintained list of Windows Registry tweaks as .reg files.

This is an example of using library:

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Tweakeze will watch your .reg Watchers in real-time and will not only allow you to easily apply then by pressing the “Fix” button but can also automatically enforce and fix them when in Watch Mode.

Tweakeze currenlty support String and DWORD value types in .reg files. We are working to support the other types. Any file containing types other that the supported ones will not be loaded.

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Tweakeze does not endorse any .reg file or 3rd party libaries and is not responsible for possible damage, which is caused by use of the software or these Windows Registry files.