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Registry Watcher

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I downloaded Tweakeze because it suggests that I can monitor the registry and take actions on changes.

I intended to create a rule that deletes any new services to update google chrome, MS Edge, etc.

For example, monitor the registry key:

Code: Select all

And delete any new services created matching:

Code: Select all

*googleupdate* (OR)
However, when I create a new "Watcher" I only have options of:
Process, System, or Keyboard

I do not have an option to create a registry watcher.

How do I accomplish this?

Thank you.
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Re: Registry Watcher

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Hi there,

When creating a Watcher for Windows Registry and not specifying a Trigger, the Windows Registry Action itself becomes its own trigger.
If you create a Trigger then the Registry Action will revert to only being an Action.

See snapshot below for creating a Watcher for a Windows Registry Key:
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