Compatible INI as Watchers.

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Compatible INI files can be loaded by Tweakeze and used as source for custom Watchers.

A well maintained community site is one of the best places to find compatible INIs for Tweakeze

Add any compatible INI to Tweakeze installation folder and they will be used. There is no need to import any of them, it is done automatically by the application.

If the application is already opened, go to Watchers screen and press F5 to reload your Watchers.

Loaded INIs have their own tab with their filename and will hold Watchers in the same place. This is a typical example using a compatible INI called WinApp2.ini:

Tweakeze Software

You can control INI loading in Settings screen by toggling “Load compatible INI files as Watchers” On/Off:

Tweakeze Software

One very important detail.

Tweakeze was designed to run on the background and watch for changes in files/folders/registry and immediately execute an action.

Normally Triggers are used to avoid Action on changes while the application is still running and using the data.

In case of these compatible INIs, they don’t provide any process (start/stop) Triggers to control Actions execution, so every time you try to set an INI Watcher to Watch mode, you will be prompted with a warning

Tweakeze Software

It is safe to ignore the warning only if when Tweakeze is in Watch Mode you will not start any application that change the specific file/folder/Registry being watched. If so, just use the Manual mode and press the “Fix” button.

As Tweakeze evolves, we will find a way to get rid of this limitation.

ExcludedKey is currently not supported, but we are working on it.


Tweakeze does not endorse any compatible INIs and is not responsible for possible damage, which is caused by use of the software or these compatible INI databases.