Our Plans.

Tweakeze offers flexible plans for you, your team, and your business. From a free trial to a business enterprise solution, we will find the best option for your personal and business needs.


  • Real-time Microsoft Windows file system and registry database monitoring
  • Unlimited access to pre-defined Tweakeze Watchers
  • Creator access to customize Tweakeze Watchers
  • Proactive privacy protection
  • Automatic update checks




All the awesome features of Free plus:

  • Secure data deletion
  • Access to pre-defined Tweakeze Watchers template
  • Unlimited use of custom Tweakeze Watchers
  • Option for convenient manual updates checking
  • Priority technical support

24.99 14.99



All the amazing features of Premium plus:

  • Support custom scripts
  • 24/7 business support

29.99 19.99


* When you contribute you will receive a Contributor's Badge ID to unlock and enjoy Tweakeze Premium features.


Have a question about Tweakeze features, plans, license, or anything else? We got an answer. Please feel free to explore the sections below and know that if you ever need to connect with us directly, don’t be shy and reach out via our Get In Touch section below.

Our News.

Be the first to know what’s up and coming to Tweakeze. Below you will find that latest and greatest content from the Tweakeze team. Be sure to come back often for content that will update, educate, and (hopefully) entertain.


Tweakeze is an independently-owned entity created to develop a new software that challenges and offers a more progressive, real-time option to other PC system utility software. Tweakeze integrates the power of technology and intuitive user experience to provide you with an effective and reliable software solution.

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Our Process.

Tweakeze is simple and easy to use: Set up a “Watcher” –> Define actions to execute when a change is made to your file –> Customize filters so file monitoring and actions only take place when you need them

Our Approach.

Tweakeze uses unique “Watchers” to help you monitor and manage changes to your Microsoft Windows file system and registry database in real-time

Our Goal.

At Tweakeze, we want to help you create an organized and more productive digital working environment through our software solution

Our Mission.

Tweakeze set out to provide you, your team, and your business with an effective and reliable software solution to boost your productivity


Our team draws on broad industry experience and technical expertise to provide you with a powerful software solution. Tweakeze is built on experience. Founder, Heitor Tome has over 31 years of professional experience and success in the Information Systems and Technology field. He is experienced in architecture, design, development, and management of successful software products.

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